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Stan Owings - A Thank You

I would like to thank all of you that sent work to me and our company as well as those that we worked with and against over the last 30 years. I would offer my thanks primarily in regard to the rehabilitation counseling work in which I was able to be involved. I would thank those that sent me cases for providing me the opportunity to work with individuals that were in need of rehabilitation counseling assistance. The professional part of my life has been very rewarding.

As a benefit of the work you sent my way and as a benefit of being self employed with a flexible work schedule, the time I was able to spend watching my two daughters grow up and my ability to participate in their lives made my world wonderful. A lot of our lives revolved around high school and college softball and I was able to see most any game in which my daughters participated all over the United States and a handful in Europe. Those of you that sent work to our company, thank you from the standpoint of my family life.

Much of my appreciation needs to be directed at those that made Owings & Associates a viable rehabilitation counseling business. I had the fortune to work with a number of very good right hand coworkers. Our office manager worked with me for 30 years running all the administration of the business, keeping me in my place and was a key to the success of the business and to me having time to enjoy my family as my girls became young ladies. I owe a lot in that corner for the great life I have lived since 1983. Secondly, my first professional assistant started with me in 1987 and I had the good fortune to have her work with me for 15 years. I had a vocational rehabilitation professional that worked with me in two stints for a total of about 10 years. In 2005, we hired our current research librarian. Few firms have our capability to obtain the information necessary to fully understand a case. Our research librarian fills that role and then some. Finally, in 1999 a vocational rehabilitation professional began at our company and after 15 years I talked her into taking over the reins. Our company was successful because of these individuals as well as others who worked for and with me over the years.

How can I not thank my wife? There is not a big enough thank you I can extend to both her and my daughters.

I have continued to work a bit, putting the finishing touches on my remaining case load that becomes smaller as the days go by. I also continue to work with two individuals with cognitive impairments in a case management capacity.

My retired life is very busy and very fun. Daughters, sons-in-law and grandkids are a mainstay for my wife and I and it is a load of fun. I play a lot of golf, some competitive. I tolerate my wife’s competitive golf dates, which means I fish alone a lot during the spring, summer and fall. We dearly love our beach house and fish with moderate success most of the time. We love being on the water, seeing orcas frequently, more seals than you can count, other whales, a lot of pesky sea birds, etc. Life is good at the beach. My after work life as a dad, granddad, golfer and fisherman is going well.

I try to follow my father in law’s suggestion to “watch the wind” as much as possible. That became my motto when I retired, to learn to not do much and watch the wind. The second thing I have decided since retiring is I no longer rush. Whatever it is, if I have to rush, it has to wait. It is a good philosophy. I enjoyed my work, but am happy with a slower pace…. though there still never seems to be enough time to do what is on my plate!

Thanks to everyone who made my work life a pleasure.


Stan Owings


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