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A Rehabilitation Counselor’s Practical and Historical Guide to Earning Capacity Assessment



Stan Owings, MS, CDMS


Contributing Authors:

Shelley Lewis, MA, CRC, CLCP
Cheri Streby, MLIS
Megan Hildebrand, MA


The Book Is Intended To:

  • Assist rehabilitation counselors that provide earning capacity assessments illustrate that their opinions have appropriate basis.
  • Assist practicing experts prepare defense for a Daubert challenge.
  • Educate aspiring earning capacity experts.
  • Be utilized by colleges as a text for rehabilitation counseling in litigation courses.


The Book:

  • Fills a void in the literature relevant to the basis of earning capacity assessment.
  • Provides a connection between court requirements for expert opinion relevant to earning capacity assessment and rehabilitation counseling.
  • Provides understanding as to the basis required for rehabilitation counselors to provide court accepted earning capacity assessments.
  • Provides background for examining earning capacity assessments.


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