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A Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding Earning Capacity Assessment and Earning Capacity Options



Stan Owings, MS, CDMS


Contributing Authors:

Shelley Lewis, MA, CRC, CLCP
Cheri Streby, MLIS
Megan Hildebrand, MA


Following publication of the first book in 2007 (A Rehabilitation Counselor’s Practical and Historical Guide to Earning Capacity Assessment), Owings & Associates was approached by the American Bar Association to adapt the book for use by attorneys. Prior to publication, the book was reviewed and approved by attorneys that utilize earning capacity experts.

This book, published in 2009, explains the basic concepts of earning capacity assessment and identifies the considerations that go into determining an earning-capacity assessment. In addition, the book provides a concise explanation of why rehabilitation counseling provides a legally sufficient basis for determining earning capacity. It takes into account the requirements placed on expert methodology by courts since the Daubert and Kumho decisions, which concerned expert opinions not based on accepted methodology.

This book also provides an historical perspective of rehabilitation counseling and illustrates how rehabilitation counseling utilizes accepted practices and methodology to make an earning capacity assessment. In addition, it provides related information authored by economic experts and rehabilitation counseling experts.


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